BIO 介绍


Katherine Li  李丽雅

Born in Hong Kong, China

Lives & works in Shenzhen, China



Educated and trained in the UK and HK, Katherine Li is a versatile talent moving effortlessly and seamlessly between the world of design and painting. Such versatility is perhaps the result of her upbringing and family influences, which have fostered a love and appreciation of all forms of arts in her. Katherine combines her tireless dedication to the arts with her professional career in the world of manufacturing. 
This may appear to be a somewhat odd combination, but one which has provided her with a sharp eye for the world around her, human nature and the duality and dichotomy of appearance and reality. Katherine Li was born in HK and currently resides in Shenzhen.

My artistic sense is merged with my upbringing in a business minded family when I produce effective graphic designs for my clients. I am very attentive to their needs and then I express them in a creative and compelling manner. I listen carefully to their thoughts and aspirations, communicate,  so I have them clear in my mind, then process them creatively with the help of my technical training and experience to produce the expression in multi-media forms that suits their needs precisely. And I stay with them as they roll them out to make sure that they work and that my clients are satisfied. I really enjoy witnessing their success and satisfaction!




我的藝術感與出身於一個商業頭腦的家族息息相關. 當我為客戶生產設計時, 我很關注及重視他們的需求,從而為他們創作出一個令人滿意的方案。我仔細聆聽他們的想法和願望,提問,交流,清楚瞭解他們的需求,再配合我在設計上的技術和經驗,將創作以多媒體形式表達出來. 我亦會一直跟進後期的生產工序, 以確保方案效果能成功推出令客戶滿意。看到他們的成功和滿意, 為我帶來無比的滿足及成就感!

It is a tribute to the power of words, that as a visual artist I have to use text to communicate a message to my viewers. I have no fear of words but my first love is to express myself, my imagination and the world around me through visualization. My scope as an artist goes beyond paint. I am a mixed media artist and in my current stage of experience I sculpt on canvas. I am fascinated by human nature and the human soul. I visualize and try to capture the inner world and emotions of human experience to share with those who care to join me in the adventure.
My design training and my experiences in an industrial work environment serve as a platform for my creativity and give me a unique personal perspective that I cherish. I want to go beyond the boundaries of a particular form of art. I am pursuing expression across many forms of art and want to be “as universal as the light.” Perhaps I will grow to achieve other goals and embrance change, which I will not fear and shall even welcome.  For now, take me as I am.


作為一名視覺藝術家,我免不了要用文字來和讀者交流 – 這是我對文字的敬意。我並非懼怕文字,但是我選擇用視覺來表達自己,表達我所想像的及我身處的世界。我是一名視覺/影像(複合媒材)藝術家。迄今為止,我一直被人性與心靈這個題目所吸引。我要抓住我們內心世界及情感並把它視覺化與投契的人分享。
我從不刻意追求正規的藝術培訓,我是綜合在設計上的訓練與工作上的經驗為創造平臺。也許正是因為這個原因,我對視覺藝術有獨特的見解,也很珍惜這份獨特性。我的崇高目標是要追求跨出藝術形態的界限,超越單種特定藝術表達方式, 並如光一樣的普見。也許我會改變, 當變化來臨時我會持歡迎的態度。但現在,我就是我。


1991 - 1992 Bererton Hall School for Girls (UK)

1992 - 1995 St. James's Girl School (UK)

2005 - 2007 CUSCS (HK)

Professional Diploma in Graphic Design 

2007 - 2008 HKUSPACE (HK)

Interior Design

2009 NOV Solo Exhib: The Soul Enigma
ArtLoft Gallery in SZ, CN
2010 MAY Solo Exhib: METAMORPHOSIS (I)

La Casa Bar & Restaurant SZ, CN
2012 JUL  Group Exhib: Sensorial Perspectives

Agora Gallery in NYC, USA

2013 AUG Group Exhib.: SHARE via ART 2013

ART+ at OCT in SZ, CN